adaptiveNew Haven’s non-profit organization, Concepts for Adaptive Learning recently received a $20,000 Comcast donation. This donation will go towards “A Primer for Parents Program,” helping to sustain Digital Literacy for Early Learners for the people of New Haven.

Based in New Haven, CfAL works very closely with children in the pre-K grade reading level to promote and sustain the importance of early learning from birth to age 5. The organization’s goal is to get parents involved in the importance of early childhood learning, in order for children to be more than ready for the education years. 

The DLEL program is offered in a four part workshop with areas that highlight the following: the importance of pre-K enrollment, guided instruction and discussion with educational websites for children to engage in with their parents, targeting a specific age group, and platform instruction. 

Both DLEL and Comcast want to emphasize the importance of digital mediums and the Internet for children currently. A DLEL program initiative is to promote and teach digital literacy— parallel to Comcast which offers Internet Essentials, the high-speed internet company targeting low-income families in order to close the digital-aged gap.