piggybankBenefits columnist Nick Thornton wrote for BenefitsPro Magazine about a ticking time bomb of confusion for Connecticut’s small businesses.

Norton’s report Small employers in the dark on new state retirement law in CT in early May describes the lack of knowledge among Connecticut’s business community about the state's new small business pension law.

He law effects every small business with five or more employees.

“In Connecticut, where lawmakers are facing a $2.2 billion revenue shortfall, the state will clearly have to invest in further outreach to small business owners if it plans to enact its new retirement plan by 2018, when it is slated for official rollout, says Catherine Theroux, LIMRA’s director of public relations.

The employers that knew anything about the law knew very little,” Theroux said of LIMRA’s focus groups with small employers. “That’s the one clear take away—a lot more needs to be done communicating what the program is, how it would work, and what employers would be responsible for.”

The article can be reached at: http://www.benefitspro.com/2017/05/02/small-employers-in-the-dark-on-new-state-retiremen?page=2&slreturn=1493786890