marijuana clearHARTFORD: St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center’s medical marijuana research program has been approved by the state. The hospital say’s its research goal is “to compare the effectiveness of medical marijuana versus oxycodone in patients with post traumatic acute, subacute and chronic pain from multiple rib fractures.”

Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan A. Harris released a statement saying, “Our medical marijuana program has already given nearly 15,000 patients relief from severe debilitating conditions, and these research programs will provide medical professionals the information they need to help their patients make good health care decisions.” 

A report in the said that 30 patients would be provided Marijuana and 30 patients “standard opioid therapies.”

The study is being funded by the doctors and through donations. Unsanctioned Marijuana research is not allowed under current Federal law. However, Harris said the federal government has taken a hands-off approach toward the state’s program. “We’ve been allowed to function freely.”