It hard to overstate how completely unacceptable this press release is from Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman, Nick Balletto.


"CT Dems' statement on Big Y's decision to move from Cassetti's Ansonia to Dugatto's Derby

Hartford, CT. - Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement on Big Y's decision to move from GOP Mayor David Cassetti's Ansonia to Democratic Mayor Anita Dugatto's Derby.


“This is good news for Derby. Thanks to Mayor Dugatto’s leadership, the city is making real economic progress. Rich Dziekan’s main promise to the residents of Derby has been that he would find a tenant for the former Walmart location. That has now been done — by Democrats.”"

Frankly we were shocked to read it.

In the 25 years that we have been covering business in Connecticut, we have never seen a similar press statement by any government or political official.

The premise of this press release is that somehow a city’s Mayor “owns” their town and that Connecticut should somehow pit towns with chief executives of one party against other towns because of the political affiliation of their political representatives.

Every city and town in Connecticut has citizens of a great variety of political interests and affiliations, in general most expect that they will find common cause with their neighbors in what is in the best interest of the citizens of their towns and the state.

For the Chairman of the Democratic Party to approach business location in this way is unacceptable, ignorant and immature.

When Mr. Balleto was elected to his position as State Democratic Party Chairman, the Hartford Courant called him a “skilled political insider”, hardly – this is the action of a political hack and nothing more, and seems rather amateurish to us.

Mr. Balleto should know better, as a former New Haven Democratic Town Chairman he should be well aware of the fact that Democratic dominated New Haven has seen many companies move from New Haven and to New Haven over the years.

If a company moves from New Haven to Branford or vice versa, are we to pit New Haven mayor Toni Harp [D] and Branford First Selectman Jamie Cosgrove [R] against each other.

Are we looking for some kind of war between towns based on political affiliations, Mr. Baretto?

What is wrong with you?

When tech company Checkmate Software moved from Hamden to New Haven last month– should we have been celebrating that they were taken because Mayor Harp was a better executive than Hamden Mayor Kurt Leng.

Oh wait Mr. Balletto they are both Democrats,

Perhaps Checkmate like Big Y simply made a business decision that had NOTHING to do with the political affiliation of the Mayor of the town.

Mr Balleto also overlooked that State Representative Linda Gentil, is the Deputy Speaker of Connecticut’s House of Representative and is a Democrat and by the way represents both Ansonia and Derby.