Claris BSI DesignBuildSEYMOUR:A 73,000 square foot mixed used headquarters  building for Basements Systems Inc. has completed construction.  Claris Construction provided the architectural, engineering, and construction management services for the new mixed-use building that include distribution, offices, commercial kitchen, meeting rooms, and an auditorium.

The structure, located at 33 Progress Ave., is a hybrid of conventional and pre-engineered (Butler) steel.

The company offered an estimated construction cost of “between $10 and $15 million.”

“When Larry (Janesky) showed me the sketch of what he dreamed of, I knew a hybrid Butler building was the answer,” said Phil Clark, AIA, president and CEO of Claris.

According to Claris “Basement Systems considers the building the culmination of their world headquarters and completes the master plan Janesky conceptualized over 15 years ago.”

Describing the project, the “at the center of the building is the auditorium where franchisees come from around the world to learn about new products and talk about best business practices. There are visible lines of sight into the three wings of the building where trucks for distribution and storage of goods can be seen. This allows the office personnel to keep an eye on day to day operations and activities, while showcasing to franchisees how the flagship business is run. “