Toyota FCHT 5a 1200x801DANBURY: Some good news comes to Fuel Cell Energy [NASDAQ: FCEL] with an agreement with Toyota to purchase hydrogen for vehicle refueling at the Port of Long Beach, California. The SureSourceTM Fuel Cell will generate hydrogen and electricity from a multi-megawatt fuel cell power plant located at the Port.

Toyota has said it is committed to fuel cell vehicles technology and currently sells Camry-sized Mirai fuel cell sedans. The company operates a hydrogen tractor-trailer at the Port.

Doug Murtha, Group Vice President – Strategic Planning, Toyota, explained, “fueling our Proof of concept Semi-Truck, as well as our Mirai fuel cell electric vehicles with 100 percent renewable hydrogen from this stationary fuel cell system is a major accomplishment, and a key step in building a sustainable hydrogen ecosystem to help power Port operations.” “Toyota is a company dedicated to advancing sustainability, and this project supports our ongoing efforts to both eliminate carbon emissions and accelerate the development and adoption of emission-free fuel cell electric vehicles.”

The company’s Fuel Cell system is expected to come online in 2020 and to use waste materials including cow manure to produce 1.2 tons of hydrogen fuel per day and 2.35 megawatts of electricity, enough electricity to power 2300 homes and the hydrogen 1300 vehicles.

The news of another major company embracing the technology comes as the company struggles to develop its markets, after some roll back from its major Korean partners and obstacles in building a 58 Megawatt plant in Oxford, Connecticut. The company stock is trading under $2 per share, down from $16 just two years ago. The Exxon/Mobil has been running television ads in during 2017 promoting the use of Fuel Cell Energy systems to potentially capture carbon from power plants.