The best way to improve state treasurer’s office? Give it less to do

Remember all those impassioned press conferences and solemn promises to “reform” the state treasurer's office in the wake of the Paul Silvester scandal? That's all sort of gone away, as the General Assembly stumbles along in virtual gridlock over other issues, and as the boys and girls devote themselves to a ban on certain video games that allow children to fire laser guns at make-believe cartoon characters. The only folks who were really interested

New Haven Under a Microscope

The consultants came. They saw. Now here's what they say we ought to do about downtown
Great minds have been pondering the future of downtown New Haven. Powerful forces have paid for their expansive, expensive musings, and they are not disposed toward surrendering control of the process. Be very afraid. The giant consulting firm of Ernst & Young was paid XXXXXX to produce a “retail strategic plan” for downtown, which was unveiled late last month. Baltimore consultant Sandra S. Hillman earned $100,000 for a “strategic plan for marketing New Haven” (marketing New

Capital Concerns

Fla. Companies Cited in Paper Scheme A cease-and-desist order was entered in January against two Florida companies doing business in Connecticut: Sebastian International Entertainment Inc. and World Vision Entertainment. State Banking Commissioner John P. Burke and Insurance Commissioner George M. Reider Jr. had warned local insurance agents in October about fraudulent schemes involving the marketing of promissory notes and commercial paper. Burke said his department's Securities & Business Investment Division had received complaints from

State Says No Deal to Exxon-Mobil

HARTFORD - Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has announced that Connecticut will not join a settlement allowing the multibillion-dollar merger of Exxon Corp. and Mobil Corp. to go forward. The Federal Trade Commission announced its approval, along with more than a dozen other states. Blumenthal participated in a year-long investigation and then declined approval of the deal, citing possible anti-consumer effects of increasing concentration in the industry. He believes that higher prices and a

Empowement Zone Funding Approved

NEW HAVEN - New Haven is preparing for a facelift. The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the VA-HUD bill which includes funding for the nation's Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities. These funds will be used to implement resident-driven programs designed to revitalize neighborhoods. Under the legislation New Haven will receive approximately $3 million of Empowerment Zone funds. Said Mayor John DeStefano Jr.: "This will help us continue to implement a wonderful, community-driven
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Should Connecticut Give Special Incentives to Individual Companies?

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