Have You Driven a Ford, Lately?

Former First Lady launches U.S. Senate bid
I know that some of you thought my husband was a bit boring. Of course, if Al Gore gets elected President, my Gerald will seem, in retrospect, like Abraham Lincoln with a good joke writer. That being said, you only saw my Gerald in public, with full pomp and circumstance. Imagine what it's like to live with him, when he doesn't even have to pretend to be exciting. Now, my Gerald doesn't fool around with

POLITICS - The Big Picture on Gun Lawsuits

Should liability protection be extended to all manufacturers?
When I wear a blue suit, a blue shirt and a blue tie - all different shades of blue - my wife covers her eyes and calls me a clothing moron. I tell her to consider the "big picture": I have made a good-faith effort to color-coordinate my wardrobe, shades of blue be damned. It's probably time for the gun manufacturers to trot out the big-picture defense, as they fight off legal assaults from


Won't Get Fooled Again? Of The Body, The Bear and The Boss
He was a governor so unloved, so distrusted and detested that State Sen. George (Doc) Gunther used to tape a photo of him to the seat of his chair, so he could be accorded the respect he deserved each day when Doc sat down. It was the same governor who won a "heroism" award from some slush fund the Kennedy clan established to honor those in public service who lied to voters, gave them an

Air Force

To land Southwest, Bradley officials convinced the airline to bake a bigger pie
To the Hartford Courant, it was a "boon" to Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, which becomes the largest Northeastern airport to be served by price-busting Southwest Airlines. To the New Haven Register, it was a "blow" to Tweed-New Haven Airport, which might have turned its fortunes around in a single stroke by landing the low-cost carrier. To air travelers in Connecticut, it meant simply the promise of $200 round-trip flights

POLITICS Coin of the Realm

Debate over new $1 coin more symbol than substance
About 66 million Susan B. Anthony dollar coins are sloshing around the U.S. economy although, in truth, most of them are hidden away in desk drawers at the U.S. Treasury, because nobody ever liked the damn things. It seems that Americans prefer the tactile crinkle of green paper to some piece of tin that looks and feels like a 50-cent piece. It may also be that Americans resist the notion of having Susan in
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Should Connecticut Give Special Incentives to Individual Companies?

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